Installation of Cycle Hangars in Southgate- MEQ

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Can I please see evidence of the number of residents surrounding these locations that asked for these to be installed? Thanks

Kind Regards, 

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward,
London Borough of Enfield


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Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

We received the following requests for a cycle hangar from residents, detailed below:

 Number of requestsPostcodes of requester
Springbank4N21 1JQ N21 1JH
Pennington Drive5N21 1SY, N21 1TY, N21 1TP, N21 1TZ

Once we receive two requests for cycle parking at a particular location, we look to conduct feasibility work and further engagement with residents. Once funding then becomes available, we look to these locations where there is demand and a suitable space for the hangar to be placed. During the engagement earlier this year with residents regarding a hangar being installed, we received positive feedback on the installation of cycle hangars on Springbank and Pennington Drive.

We have had a high level of demand for cycle parking, particularly since the first lockdown in March of this year. Since sending notification letters to residents about the above hangars we have received a number of additional requests for use of a space within them.

Kind regards,

2 thoughts on “Installation of Cycle Hangars in Southgate- MEQ

  1. Hi I live in Nursery Road and really see no need for these bicycle hangars outside 82 Nursery Road N14 5QH. There is already not enough parking on Nursery Road and I’m really worried about having this parked just outside my house especially as it will create noise and in my experience an opportunity for locals to congregate and potentially steal bikes. It would be great to see who has requested this cycle hangar.

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