Meadway Enforcement Camera- MEQ

Original Email:

Please confirm when these cameras will be active as residents and councillors have not been informed.

Please confirm the penalty charge.

I do not remember any discussion around the placement of cameras at this junction.

Please confirm when this was decided.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

The signs at the Meadway are to communicate that there is no entry through the planters for motor vehicles. This is a sign that motorists should recognise as it is in the Highway Code. That said, we will look to try and increase awareness of the meaning of this sign. The sign illustrating a camera is to communicate to drivers that the restriction is enforced by a camera and as such ignoring the restriction could result in a penalty notice. The camera itself is simply a method of enforcement. It is the traffic sign which provides the order that drivers should observe.

If paid in 14 days is £65 otherwise £130

3 thoughts on “Meadway Enforcement Camera- MEQ

  1. I’ve just paid a parking fine for driving through the planters on the Meadway being unaware of the new system, a lorry working at the main road end obscuring the sign and no turning point when approaching the road narrowing and the camera.
    I did park on a vacant marked parking bay whilst attending the auction house on business. In the current climate it’s good to see Enfield Council taking such draconian steps to prevent people lawfully trying to make a living. I have no intention of driving to the auction in the near future because of the ridiculous driving restrictions and I hope the money I spent keeping that business and those people employed is replaced by the residents of Meadway.
    The fact that it took me 20 mins to find a way out of the road system and blockages and the additional 20mins queuing to get back into the main traffic flow at Southgate tube entrance will I hope not be causing the residents to choke on the carbon monoxide fumes emitted by endless queuing traffic

  2. My husband is a window cleaner and works in the Meadway, he uses his van for his Pole system as it carries his water tank. He got 2 tickets within days of one another and as a result will have to lose his customers in The Meadway. Given the struggles everyone has faced this year how is this fair? Why was this not made clear, whilst the intention may be good, the timing us not, it seems it is solely intended to catch people out.

    1. Hi Susan

      It is indeed intertidal that your husband like ambit others have been ticketed during a period where family purses have been negatively affected. The signage is poor and the way it has been implemented suggested to me it’s more of a cash cow scheme.

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