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Fios Food Centre is continuing to illegally use the land to store food stuff that is being sold in Fios food center in Southgate, can I please therefore ask the department to make immediate and swift action in telling the business they are not allowed to sell foodstuff when it has been stored in an external environment open to the weather elements and then be sold to members of the public. It is contaminated, it is unhygienic and quite frankly it is not allowed. Action please.


Case Reference: 101000423399

Address: 7 Chase Side, London N14 5BP

Thank you for contacting us regarding the illegal use of the land above by Fio’s Food Centre to store foodstuffs sold in their shops.

One of the food safety officers, XXXXX , visited the site above and noted that there were pallets of bottled water stored on the land. She has told the management of Fio’s to remove this, to which they agreed, and not to use this area for food storage again.

She will continue to monitor the situation to ensure no food is stored here. 

5 thoughts on “MEQ- Fios Food Centre

  1. What happened to the promise the council made to begin an enforcement action with a view to a prosecution against the unlawful demolition?

  2. Fios, as Monday 05th April, wheeled over pallets of water to this same area. No doubt, tequrdy to stop such actions are being ignored.

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