Statement on the partial reopening of Barrowell Green Reuse and Recycling Centre.

7 May 2020

Statement on the partial reopening of Barrowell Green Reuse and Recycling Centre

Barrowell Green Reuse and Recycling Centre will be partially reopening from Monday 11 May to visitors with appointments, to help those who have an urgent need to dispose of extra waste.

Residents are being asked to use the centre responsibly and only if necessary, to deposit limited amounts of household rubbish, recycling and garden waste.

The health and wellbeing of staff and residents is the highest priority for Enfield Council which is why strict restrictions will be in place to ensure the safety of all. Visitors will be asked to observe social distancing measures and will only be admitted with an appointment.

If people do not observe health and safety measures and do not behave responsibly towards staff, they will be turned away. If there are any indications that safety is being compromised, the Council reserves the right to close the centre.

The main restrictions at Barrowell Green are:

1. Visits will be on an appointment only basis. Only five cars will be admitted at a time to the centre, and each visitor has 15 minutes to dispose of their rubbish and recycling.

2. Residents can deposit a maximum of:

• Two household sacks of general rubbish (items that would be placed in your grey/black lidded bin)

• Two household sacks of garden waste (items that would be placed in your green lidded bin)

• Four household sacks of recycling (items that would be placed in your blue lidded bin; this includes paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays and metal tins and cans)

3. DIY materials and large bulky waste items will not be accepted.

4. Social distancing rules must be observed at all times

5. If you are experiencing a fever, high temperature or persistent cough please stay at home and do not visit the centre. Do not visit the centre if someone in your household is self-isolating.

6. The pedestrian access is closed. The Revive Reuse Shop will also remain closed for the foreseeable future

7. Full instructions and the booking facility are accessible from; click on rubbish and recycling

While most residents have done an admirable job of managing their waste during the lockdown period, Enfield Council acknowledges it has been a struggle for some. However, please only apply for an appointment to visit Barrowell Green if you really need to. Think carefully about what you are throwing away and whether you need to travel to the recycling centre at all. Unnecessary journeys continue to pose a risk so we would ask residents to think twice before accessing the service. – Ends

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3 thoughts on “Statement on the partial reopening of Barrowell Green Reuse and Recycling Centre.

  1. The reduction of household rubbish collections to once every two weeks was , and still is a ridiculous decision and has massively contributed to the vast amount of fly tipping in the borough. This needs to be reverted back to how things were. Charging for garden waste collections is also a money grabbing scheme from this so called elected council.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Oz. I’ve noticed that one truck collects the bins (whichever week we are on) then a little while later another comes and picks up the bags. What a farce!

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