Balaams Lane Littering Concerns- MEQ

Original Email

Dear Department, JCD.

I am concerned about a plot of land that is maintained, contracted and owned by JCDecaux, on the corner of Balaams Lane & High Street, Southgate N14, London.

The concern myself and other residents have is the maintenance of the plot that includes the railing going round the plot which have become rusty, are in need of repair, and is a hazard to young children and passers-by who have been in contact with me to tell me that they nearly trip on bits of metal laying around the plot. I had a case last week where a resident who is a mother told me that her young son ran through the plot, tripped and fell on some wood chippings. Thankfully the young one did not fall on the rust railing and cut himself.

This is the major issue of the plot which includes the general maintenance of the greenery of the space in question here. Residents have become angry that where the Council maintain their green spaces and regularly clean pavements and collect rubbish, JCD do not maintenance this space and have left shrubbery to become overgrown and at one point we had to ask the Council to investigate a possible rat infestation. Along with rubbish the area is usually filled with all sorts of rubbish- and JCD have not sought to put a bin at the very least of cut shrubbery to make the place look at least slightly tidy. It’s a shame that residents of Balaams Lane have resolved to a rota-styled clean up procedure where this is not there job!

I would like to meet with a relevant officer for the site, and have asked Enfield Council to look into this also. Myself and other residents are asking for:

1-The railing to be replaced asap
2-A bin to be placed in the plot
3-A garden team to be rota’d to clean up the area regularly and maintain shrubbery

I hope to hear from you soon.

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou


Dear Councillor Ioannou

Further to my e-mail of 8 February, I can confirm that an instruction will be sent to the Council’s Highways section for a litter bin to be sited adjacent to the sign post adjacent to the JC Decaux hoardings at the junction of High Street Southgate and Balaams Lane.

Yours sincerely

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