Chandos Court wall damage- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

I am emailing you with concerns raised from the residents of Chandos Court on High Street, Southgate N14. The issue surrounds a wall which has been almost completely destroyed due to a vehicle having driven into it. I would like to know if we can expect the council to solve this issue, or if we expect the property management to deal with it.

Please let me know.
Kind Regards


Dear Cllr Ioannou

MEQ 14192

Thank you for your follow up enquiry regarding the damaged wall outside Chandos Court. The Highways Officer has inspected the site today 11/02/19 and found the barriers in situ protecting the footway and pedestrians. Until the wall can be repair the barriers will need to be kept in place.

I have also contacted —— from the Chandos Court management company. —-advised a quote has now been agreed by the insurance company and the request for these works have been sent to the builder to start work – weather permitting.

—– will contact LBE highways when the builder has provided a start date.

Once the works are completed the highways officer will reinspect and arrange any repair recharges needed for damage to the footway within LBE Intervention levels as well as charges for our contractor barriers & our inspections for this site.

I hope this answers your enquiry

Kind Regards,

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