Crown Lane one way camera- MEQ

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Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, the suggestion seems like a good one.

While Crown Lane is not, in of itself, unsuitable for two-way traffic, the controls in place reflect its position within the network and prevent it being overwhelmed by a multitude of drivers attempting to using Crown Lane in both directions to divert around the busy Southgate Circus intersection.

With the No Entry point being established at the Chase Way end of the street, there is benefit in routine enforcement activity to: a) help realise the intended benefits of the arrangement; to b) deter lawless driving in general; and to c) minimise the risk of other road users being surprised by traffic movements in the wrong direction.

Discussing the suggestion with a counterpart in our parking and traffic enforcement team, he advises that some initial patrol work is favoured by the mobile enforcement camera unit to offer some immediate deterrent value and help assess the level of non-compliance. Should that level be notable, the introduction of a fixed camera is certainly a reasonable prospect. The current generation of traffic cameras are far more affordable than in previous times, so can often prove self-financing within the early years of installation due to receipts from the fines issued, even when daily breaches are only in modest numbers. Cameras, in general, certainly offer good deterrent-value against poor driving.

Accordingly, we are in favour of the idea and there is a fair chance of camera enforcement activity at this location in the medium term via a fixed camera, as well as in the shorter term via the mobile camera unit.

Traffic Engineering Manager
Environment and Communities Directorate
Enfield Council

Original enquiry description:

Can I ask if the department has considered placing a camera at the top end close to Chaseway of Crown Lane in Southgate this is due to the increasing number of motorists that are disregarding and going down the one-way street and is causing a serious danger for many many residents. This has been an ongoing issue for years and the department would benefit from putting a camera in this place. I understand that the resources are stretched howevergiven the number of residents that are coming forward to me with this issue I feel that now is the correct time to really seriously.

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