You asked for it- we got it done.

After many months of haggling with Enfield Council over the cleanliness of Southgate Town centre, I am pleased to say the department responsible have reinstated Monday-Friday daily sweeping and litterpicking, and this will be alongside a mechanical road-sweeper that will assist in deep-cleaning all parts of the road and pavement.

This will also continue on the weekend by a separate team.

The document below shows the rota that includes 21 roads in the Southgate Town centre.Great result, and great team effort to get this reinstated.

Read the statement below from the council:

“Dear Councillor Ioannou

Thank you for your recent e-mail raising residents’ concerns about the cleanliness of main shopping areas in Southgate.

After many difficulties I have been able to reinstate the handbarrow service in Southgate.  This means that there will be a manual cleanse daily of Chase Side, High Street, Ashfield Parade and Crown Lane.  Please see the attached beat sheet detailing the areas cleansed. 

After just a few days, when I checked the area last Friday I was impressed by the difference the operative had made. 

His work will still be assisted by a small mechanical sweeper on the pavement and a regular cleanse of the channels by a large machine.  At the weekend a team takes over responsibility for cleansing these areas on both Saturday and Sunday.

I will review the condition of the pavement in Chase Side and will advise you when it can be jet washed.”

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