Enforcement of residents parking bays, Chase Rd, N14 [SEC=OFFICIAL]

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I live at XXX Chase road, N14 6XX. Every day since before the first lockdown there have been numerous contraventions of the residents parking bays. i.e., un permitted vehicles, vehicles with covid permits etc.

The residents don’t see parking enforcement officers between Hillside Grove and Mayfair terrace. When we call to complain, we can’t get through to Crown Lane ( NCP) parking office.  I have been in a queue for over an hour, listening to music and nobody answers the phone. This is a regular occurrence.  Enfield parking services are only operating from 9 am until 12 noon Monday to Friday. 

Why aren’t the council enforcing the restrictions?

Why aren’t NCP answering the phones?

Why have the hours been reduced at the council parking services?

Why do residents have to keep trying to complain about the lack of service?

We pay from £110 per year for a service that isn’t been enforced and this is for over 18 months and probably close to 2 years. 

The weekends will be worse after the pubs / restaurants are fully operational as Saturday evenings are really bad because of the Hart pub at the top of Chase road.

Last night I was walking home from Southgate station and I had to walk in the middle of the road as there were approximately 6 cars parked on the pavement opposite the Hart pub. 

When are the council going to address the issues raised here?

Yours sincerely


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your email and I am sorry to hear that it is felt that the parking contractor is not providing an adequate service.

Since the end of lockdown the Parking Enforcement Team have received an unprecedented amount of complaints specifically in relation to schools and general enforcement issues such as obstruction of driveways.  It has been a challenge to ensure all complaints are responded to however we do endeavour to do so and monitor the contractor on a daily basis.

The NSL Parking Shop telephone line, 020 3856 0036 is an extremely busy line and staff there have to not only take phone calls but also deal with the public attending the Parking Shop too. 

The Council’s phone line is not an instant response service and it was a departmental decision to reduce the phone line hours to enable them to attend other duties. Requests for enforcement however can be made to the Parking Team via email as well as phone at ‘parking@enfield.gov.uk’.

383 visits have been made to Chase Road, N14 since 1st April this year and 30 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued which confirms that extra visits are being made.

I will remind NSL to keep this on their list for extra enforcement particularly near the pub and between Hillside Grove and Mayfair Terrace.

I have copied Mr XXXX in on this reply for his information.


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