MEQ- Crown Lane Flytipping

Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding ongoing waste issues at Crown Parade, Crown Lane N14.

A request has been submitted for Community Payback to attend and clear the waste at this location, until the relevant notices can be issues to the landowner regarding future maintenance. I must make you aware however, due to pending jobs, there is a 2-3 week turnaround for these works to be carried out.

Notices have been issued to the two businesses that store their Commercial Waste bins on this land, as they have been found to be problematic, with over generation and side waste often left to spill onto the floor. Staff at both businesses have also been spoken to regarding this matter, as well as the Commercial Waste Officer, XXXX making the necessary adjustments to Commercial Waste contracts to ensure their waste provisions are sufficient.

It has been found that the storage of both commercial and residential waste bins on this land are contributing factors to the ongoing waste issues. To try and reduce the issues, notices have already been issued to businesses, as mentioned above, but will also be issued to residents at Crown Parade, requiring household waste bins to be kept near their property boundary, and not permanently stored on this land.

Both myself and Local Authority Support Officers regularly attend this location and search waste for evidence. Formal enforcement action will be taken where sufficient evidence allows.

With regards to CCTV at this location, I understand there may have been a miscommunication, as we cannot deploy units to monitor private land. CCTV can be installed by the landowner at their choice, and this is something that can be suggested, but not enforced, as part of the notice.

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