Southgate McDonalds Parking Issue MEQ


Dear Department,

I am emailing you regarding business and constituent concerns, surrounding the McDonalds in Southgate N14.

The public have expressed concern that the bays are being horded by McDonalds and their delivery drivers, and this is having predominantly a negative impact on the custom of the high street. Businesses have told me that three parking spaces are now almost ‘dedicated’ to McDonalds without any legal reason to be. As a frequent high street user myself, I am not aware that these delivery drivers pay and display and therefore are mostly parking illegally and taking a vast piece of parking for our parade.

I would like to give the example of Nando’s Southgate, which has taken the respected initiative of making drivers enter from the Crown Lane entrance of the shop. This of course avoids the eye sore of seeing drivers with helmets going and coming, and frees parking spots for customers. May I also add that McDonalds do have a loading bay at the back on Crown Lane, thus I am frustrated to hear this issue is even occurring.

My requests therefore are simple:

Q1- Will Enfield Council look to ensure these spaces are used exactly for the purpose they are intended for- Customers- and ban this kind of ‘pick up loading’.

Q2- Will Enfield Council look to discipline and make sure McDonalds use their own loading bay on Crown Lane for future delivery drivers.

Q3- Will Enfield Council increase the anti on illegal bikers parking in these bays and loading, to ensure spaces are used respectfully.

I look forward to your response.


Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thanks for your email.

The legislation which states that motorcycles can park in a pay and display bay for free is the ‘Enfield (Parking Places) Pay and Display Order 2007, Section 8’,  of which a copy of the paragraph is attached (under Exemption for parking charges).

With regards to suggesting the motorcyclists park in Crown Lane in the loading bay unfortunately this would not be possible as unless the drivers are seen to be loading/unloading goods then they would be liable to be issued with a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).  There is also the fact that if the motorcyclists know they can park in the pay and display bays for free then they will no doubt ignorantly think why should they park further away.  An NSL supervisor has spoken to motorcyclists in the past suggesting they try and park elsewhere but to no avail.

As I stated previously this matter has been passed to our traffic and transportation team for them to come up with a solution.



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