Tree-fall on Bush Hill- MEQ

Response details:

Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry relating to the tree that fell across Bushill N21 over the weekend.

I can confirm that the tree fell from a private property i.e. 3 Park Drive N21 and is not a tree that the Council are responsible for inspecting.

Just along from where this tree fell we do have a wooded embankment that is situated between Clarendon Way N21 and Bushill N21 and we are responsible for maintaining the trees within this woodland.

I have as part of my processing the clearance of the fallen tree notified the area Tree Officer for N21 to survey the wooded area to manage any developing risk should there be any found.

I hope that this response assists with your enquiry.

Kind Regards
Principal Arboricultural Officer

Original enquiry description:

Dear department

This evening I saw on Bush Hill. There was a fallen tree that obstructed the road entirely and the cruiser currently as we speak working to cut the tree into pieces and remove it and reopen the road whilst I appreciate the swift action that you?re doing and I thank you very much for acting very quickly. I am actually quite concerned about other trees along the road that may be in a similar condition, therefore can I please ask the department to investigate the trees along that road make sure they are trimmed. Make sure their trunks are looked at and make sure that there?s no other trees in a similar situation that might fall down as this could?ve fallen on somebody or on a car thank you very much

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