MEQ- Linden Way gully cleaning

Street Cleansing are now responsible for the Gully Cleansing contract on behalf of the Highways Service

Prior to September 2020 the service had been outsourced to private contractors for a period of 10 years

We are working our way through a schedule of cleansing for every road in the Borough which is taking over the scheduled two years due to lack of maintenance in the outsourced period

I am unable to locate reports on our M3 system with the reference 101000182636, nor the latest reference number given 101000218506 and there does not seem to be a video attached to the MEQ.

As our Highway mapping system does not show a gully outside no. 26 any further information would be greatly appreciated in order to thoroughly investigate the complaint

I have added this area to a list of priority work to be attended to as soon as possible, however due to the recent weather this list is quite extensive, but our team should attend by the end of next week at the latest to visit and clean all gully’s on the public highway in this vicinity providing they are accessible

MEQ- ASDA noise complaints.

I write in response to your enquiry regarding out of hours works at Asda in Southgate.

The contractor contacted the Council and requested a Section 61 Agreement to undertake works to the car park at Asda on four consecutive Sundays (weather permitting). A Section 61 is a document between the Council and a business which allows noisy works to take place and in this case outside of normal working hours. The agreement limits the times and dates that the works can take place.

The repairs are of short duration, with the noisy element being 17:00 – 19:30, with resin being laid for the remained of the working part of the evenings.

As the request was for works that will be of short duration and unlikely to lead to an unreasonable level of disturbance we put in place a Section 61 Agreement. There will be works outside of normal hours and these have been agreed. This does not give the contractor the right to make as much noise as they like and the agreement has controls in place.

Yours sincerely,

Carriageway Improvement Works – Willow Walk N21 (Revised Programme) [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Councillors,



Further to survey works, recent inclement weather and shallow services in the road identified earlier this week our contractor has had to revise his programme of works at Willow Walk. Works will now take place during the dates and times above.

Please find attached a copy of the letters explaining the works in full detail which will be delivered to residents today.

MEQ- Carriageway Improvement works – Willow Walk, N21 [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Dear Councillors,


As part of Enfield’s investment for 2022/2023 in the Borough’s highway infrastructure, the above road has been identified as requiring reconstructing.


The scheduled dates could be subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Please find attached a copy of the letters explaining the works in full detail which will be delivered to residents.  

MEQ- Eversley Park Road – Waste Collection

Thank you for your enquiry on behalf of your constituent.

The Waste Supervisor has advised me due to the re-routing of bulk bins the collection crew were unaware this location was within their scheduled work and apologise for any inconvenience this may of caused. The collection crew have been spoken to and reminded of their work routes and the standards we expect when working for Enfield Council.

The scheduled collection day for this location is Monday and is collected weekly. Scheduled collection days had changed for last week only and the bins were collected on Tuesday.

The crew have reported access issues due to a blue Mini car which is being parked too close to the bins for the collection crew to maneuver the bins safely and without any accidents.

I hope I have answered your enquiry. 

MEQ- Chase Road Cleanliness

Thank you for your enquiry raising a number of issues in and around Chase Road

Thank you for your report of fly tipping in the entrance to Southgate Allotments opposite Hillside Grove

This road and the surrounding area is visited daily by a fly tip collection team and any waste found on the public highway will be removed.

Evidence found will also be photographed and passed to the Waste Enforcement Unit for the appropriate action to be taken

Our teams will also react to any reported flytip on the public highway the same day if possible, but within 24hrs if not.

May I also take the opportunity to advise that flytips should in future be reported using the online reporting system as they are service requests not MEQ’s, this will then ensure it is removed immediately (MEQ’s take a much longer process to be allocated to the correct officer) and they will also be logged on the system and formally recorded as a flytip

The issue relating to weeds in the garage area at the junction of Chase Road and Hillside Grove has been passed to our Waste Enforcement Team.

Those weeds on the public highway have been removed by our team, but the garage area is private so we would not clear it.

The responsibility for this would lay with the landowner or the land users, the Waste Enforcement Unit will make contact and if necessary issue notices and/or fixed penalty notices if no action is taken

The issue regarding the hole in the road surface has, as requested been passed to the Council’s Highway section for them to action

MEQ- Ashfield Parade Parking Controls

Thank you for your enquiry.

You will see by the attached that every section of kerbside in Ashfield Parade is already in benefit of parking controls; as yellow lines or pay-and-display parking bays. A yellow line, not reinforced by loading controls, has the effect of providing some informal parking areas for blue badge holders, who may leave a vehicle at the kerbside in this context for up to three hours providing doing so is not obstructive under the wider definition the police might apply. This can be useful in retail locations like Ashfield Parade.

Should the community advise us of any particular spots where the absence of sufficiently strong controls is allowing obstructive parking, we can consider upgrading them. Likewise if our parking enforcement team advises of any unwanted parking trends that the current arrangement does not provide for.


MEQ- Winchmore Hill Road pavement defect

Thank you for your enquiry regarding a raised slab outside 181 Winchmore Hill Road. I have inspected this location and the slab is raised at 8mm which is not at LBE intervention level for repair.

I hope this answers your enquiry. 

MEQ- McDonald’s parking in Southgate

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the delivery bikes in Southgate and concerns from local residents.

 Motorcycles are allowed to park for free in our on street pay and display bays which has been written into the Traffic Order for a number of years.  This has never been an issue in the past but over the last 18 months we have received complaints/concerns about parking in these bays (including dedicated motorcycle bays) across the whole of the borough in areas where eateries can be found, not just in Southgate. 

The Council’s parking contractor (NSL) continues to visit the location on a regular basis and enforce those parked in contravention, such as on the footway and will continue to do so despite the challenges faced as they ultimately return some time after the officer has left.

 To find a solution to this growing issue we have established contacts with some of the key operators in the sector, other Council Departments and the Police to look at alternative options for motorbikes to park. In the meantime enforcement will continue.

Yours sincerely,

MEQ- Town Splash Pads

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Town Park splash pads will not be operational this year as there is damage to the pumps, the contractors were unable to get these repaired in time for this year’s summer. These faults should be rectified by next summer.

There are mechanical issues with the water fountain outside Town Library, however the fountain should be back on this week as contractors have been working on mending this and most of the faults have been rectified. The contractors are on site this week to rectify further faults and the fountain will be switched back on.

Broomfield Park boating lake is currently being investigated by our engineers to gain an understanding of the required works to reintroduce the boating lake for use.