Electric Car Charging Points- MEQ

Good Afternoon

Thank you for contacting BP Pulse.

On checking the status of the units in the area. I can see that there have been a series of issues with them.

The unit on Leigh Hunt Drive is awaiting parts that have been ordered and once they are received an engineer will be scheduled to attend to the unit.

The unit on Aldermans Hill is being reviewed by our maintenance team and an engineer will be scheduled as soon as possible.

The unit on Chase Side is awaiting for the power to be reinstated  by the electricity company once this work has been completed we will be able to switch the unit back on for use.

We are working very hard to repair the charging units as soon as possible after they are reported. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused whilst these units ar out of service.

Please do get back in touch with us if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards

Planting a tree-MEQ [SEC=OFFICIAL

Original Email from resident:

Dear Stephanos,

We attended a meeting a couple of weeks ago in the Methodist church. One of things you mentioned was an opportunity for members of the public to contribute to the further greenification of the area. We have, on one hand, a dead tree in the middle of the triangle Meadway/Bourne Ave.  planted there by council a few years ago and, on the other hand, a potted fir tree, which has grown in our garden for the last several years. We are quite happy to replace the dead tree with this fir tree and do the actual planting by ourselves. The triangle appeals to us as the fir tree could become a focal point during festive season (carols etc)

The question is, would that be acceptable by the council?

Alternatively, perhaps you could suggest another local spot where we could plant the fir tree.


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the green at the junction of Bourne Avenue and Meadway.

I can inform you that the dead tree mentioned by your constituent was planted last year as part of our winter planting programme, this will be replaced as part of our aftercare policy. 

We are happy to consult with your constituent regarding the possibility of planting a donated tree on the Green.  We will need to inspect the tree to ensure that it is a suitable species for this location.  If my contact details are passed onto your constituent we will be able to liaise with them directly.

I hope this is of assistance.

Yours sincerely,

streetside hedge in east London town

Grant Close- MEQ

Original Email:

Good afternoon Councillor Stephanos

I hope you are well and thank you for your letter dated September 21. I am a new resident to Enfield and moved on 24 July. I live on XX Grant Close and there is overgrown council land between XX & XX Grant close. The land is overgrown and the fence that was originally there has broken down. I am under the impression that this has been like this for a while and there has been calls to the council from the previous tenant and landlord.

I am the new tenant of XX Grant close and have called and emailed the council since I have been living here. The overgrown land is unsightly and also I am concerned about rhodents, insects coming into the house. There has been some extremely big spiders!!!

Your letter said to contact you if any issues, please could this land be cut down and cleared, also fence erected and fixed asap.

I also have called the council several times regarding my order of a kitchen caddy and food waste caddy so I can recycle. These were ordered in August and I have not received anything.

My contact number is XXXXX if you wish to discuss.

Kind regards,



Dear Cllr Ioannou, Ms XXXX,

Thank you for your email. I have raised request with our operation to arrange the delivery of your brown bin as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above recently received in our Responsive Repairs Team to address.

I have had the opportunity to investigate the outstanding remedial work replacing fencing between Nos:10 and 11. Please extend our apologies to Ms XXXX for any inconvenience this may have had enjoying her new home.

Our records show a work order, ref 2386314/2 was issued through our inhouse contractor ERD to CBM external contractors. CBM apologies for the delay in completion of these works confirming they will commence the replacement fencing and post 1st December 2021.

I trust this addresses the issues raised in your enquiry. Should you have any further related queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards

Kind regards,

Rubbish/recycling bags delivery Hillside Grove [SEC=OFFICIAL]-MEQ

Original Email:

I live in Hillside Grove, N14 and have not received any grey or blue bags since April. I don’t believe anyone else in my road has either. These were due in October. Also I have not had any food waste bags since getting my bin a few months’ ago (none were sent with it). Can you please let me know when we are due for our bag delivery?

Thank you.



Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou, Ms XXXX,
Thank you for your enquiry related to delivery of sacks. I am sorry to hear that the residents at Hillside Grove Have not received the sacks yet. The matter has been raised with our service delivery manager to ensure all resident can be delivered sacks as soon as possible. I apologise for the inconvenience caused to the residents. Please let me know, if further assistance required. Kind regards,

Constant rubbish issues Chelmsford road-MEQ

Original Email:

I have an nogoing issue thst is affecting my neighbours and I regarding the residents of XX Chelmsford road. They consistently leave blck refuse bags full of household and pet waste in their front garden for weeks at a time that attract foxes, vermin and birds. The foxes are defecating in my front gardne, which i have to clean up.  I have 2 small children who on a daily basis have to see filth when we leave and enter our home. It is also affecting my neighbours as rhe contents of the rubbish bags is then blown across and into our gardens.  This has been happening for 11 months and is causing emotional distress.

I woukd appreciate if you could share my grievances with Enfield council in order to address the issue. 

Please see the attached multiple pictures of the rubbish, all taken on individual occasions.

Yours Sincerely 


Classification: OFFICIAL

Evening Cllr Ioannou, XXXX,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Our officer will visit the resident at XX Chelmsford Road and advise on waste presentation issues here. will also investigate as to why resident present additional sacks in the front garden.

Should you require further assistance, please let me know.

Kind regards,

CRM MEQ 34865 – Broomfield Park Enquiry [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Original Email

Dear Parks Team,

I wish to enquire about the availability of café spaces in our borough. Particularly I would like to know the availability for the western side of the borough and more specifically Broomfield Park.

There is a local resident who is interested in setting up a space in the park area to serve coffees etc. and they were promised by the department that should a space become available they will be notified.

The resident has learnt that there is vacant space at the park mentioned and wishes to know how they can apply for this space.

Can we please have some guidance and can I ask the department get in touch with the resident?

Thank you


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou thank you for your email.

The Property Team, in collaboration with our Parks colleagues, is currently in the process of conducting a review of park buildings across the borough, with a view to identifying unused/underused buildings where investment will deliver value for Enfield residents.

The former bowls club at Albany Park is currently being reviewed as part of this process, and is being considered for commercial lease by the Council, however unfortunately due to the large number of buildings under review, I cannot give you an exact timescale for when this might happen.

Enfield Council is keen to keep interested local residents updated on the progress of our review of park buildings.  We will be happy to add the enquirers to our list if you forward to me their email address so we are able to contact them.

Kind regards

MEQ 34828 | Greening-up Southgate Town Centre (Chase Side)

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your recent enquiries about updates on public realm improvements.

Contractors commenced works in Southgate on 11th October and they are due to finish by the end of next week. Highways officers will also be meeting the contractors on site to confirm the completion of the works. Highways officers are also aware of the broken railings outside WHSmith and these are currently being repaired.

Council highway policy states that all council-owned street furniture should be painted black. The blue bollards outside the station are owned by TfL and were therefore not included in this initial round of works. However, we are working to establish a relevant contact within TfL to liaise with them around delivering improvements such as: painting the bollards/bins to be consistent with the rest of the town centre and improvements to the grassed-bed areas.

We have also begun liaising with the council’s street planting team to discuss opportunities for additional greening and planting within the town centre. We will update you as soon as projects emerge.

Further improvement works identified for Southgate town centre includes repairs to broken pavements and parking lay-bys along Chase Side, helping to improve the street scene and will commence from February 2022.

Other improvement works captured in the programme include: replacement of bins; re-painting/repairing the community notice board outside the station and wayfinding/signage around the town centre. The delivery timelines for these works are still being defined and we will update you as soon as we have confirmation.

We have also begun engaging with the Southgate Task Force to understand their aspirations for the town centre and to ensure that improvements works align with any community projects coming forward.

Best regards


MEQ 34821 – Crown Lane Parking Offences [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your email.

At its south-eastern end Crown Lane has pay and display bays and other controls associated with its proximity to the retail centre and to rear servicing areas. Sadly, the convenience of living immediately adjacent to town centre locations often comes with the drawback of nuisance parking activity. Further north-west, the street has the typical arrangement of controls that are applied in Enfield’s controlled parking zones, in line with government advice; i.e. permit bays interspersed with single yellow lines at crossovers. Although some of the southern side premises may fall within Barnet, the parking controls on both sides are Enfield’s. We do not have plans to review these controls, at present.

A driver parking on the footway commits an offence that our parking enforcement officers can enforce against on sight. Likewise a driver who is double parked. Likewise a driver who parks on the single yellow line within the operational period. I have contacted the parking team to make them aware of the complaints.

The single yellow line deters rogue drivers from leaving vehicles blocking crossovers during the period when parking elsewhere adjacent would involve the explicit offence of occupying a bay without the necessary permit. Outside of the controlled period, the arrangement means households retain the freedom to leave vehicles across their own dropped kerbs. As with crossover obstruction at any other site, enforcement activity outside the controlled period relies on the householder reporting the offending vehicle before action can commence.

Upgrading single yellow lines to double yellow lines requires us to follow a statutory consultation process and draft legal documents called traffic orders. Even if the measure were universally supported by every household in the street, any member of the public who happened to see the posted notices and submit an objection would force the Council to document a decision-making process before it could proceed with the changes. This draw on our resources explains our reticence to commit to any given request for yellow lines other than those we deem of highest priority, namely where lines are needed to ensure fire engines can gain access to culs-de-sac and so forth.

In addition, the department has remained faithful for many years to the principle that it does not add yellow lines when they are sought primarily to aid domestic access. Rather it asks households who suffer crossover obstruction to continue using the parking enforcement team when an intervention is required. Wishing to remain faithful to that principle, I do not wish to commit to adding the double yellow lines that are requested.


MEQ- 1-21 Isabella Close & 29-39 Old Farm Avenue N14 5QQ (Councillor Call in Request) [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Classification: OFFICIAL

Councilor Stephanos Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

To provide some wider context I hope the following will clarify matters.

Certain types of work are ‘permitted development’ and are granted permission by national legislation without the need to submit a planning application.

In some cases, proposals must still submit a ‘prior approval’ application, seeking approval from the local planning authority that specified elements of the development are acceptable before work can proceed.

In this instance, for upwards extensions to provide new dwellings to certain types of commercial, residential and mixed use buildings outside a conservation area, prior approval is required subject to criteria set out in Schedule 2, Part 20, of the General Development Permitted Order 2015 (GPDO).

The conditions pertaining to this development right, namely upwards extensions to provide new dwellings – Class AA, are summarised as follows:

  • Transport and highways impacts;
  • The external appearance of the building, including design and architectural features of principal elevations and side elevations fronting highways;
  • The provision of adequate natural light in all habitable rooms;
  • Impact on the amenity of the existing building and neighbouring premises including overlooking, privacy and the loss of light;

As government guidance states: ‘A local planning authority cannot consider any other matters when determining a prior approval application’, therefore matters related to dwelling mix, affordable housing provision, impacts on trees, site security and for example, that could be assessed as part of a planning application, would not form part of this prior approval’s legislative requirements.

To provide clarity:

  • Applications for planning permission – not prior approval – must be taken in accordance with the statutory development plan such as Enfield Development Management Plan and material considerations.
  • Applications for prior approval however are very different. A prior approval application is effectively an application to discharge conditions pertaining to that permitted development right.

A prior approval application of this type would normally be determined under delegated authority, however should you wish to maintain your request to be reported to Planning Committee, we would proceed on this basis.

I hope my comments are of assistance and clarify the position.


MEQ- Dropped kerb Avenue Road Southgate N14 4DA [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Cllr Ioannou

The approach to vehicular access is planning policy, with the Council’s set out in Policy 46 of the Development Management Document 2014: https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/planning/dmd-adopted-planning.pdf This policy has been tested a number of times at appeal, with the Planning Inspectorate supporting the Council’s approach the majority of the time.

As for electric vehicle charging provision, the Council has limited resources to provide chargers so they are targeted at areas where there is evidence of demand (for example several residents express an interest) or there is likely to be demand (for example areas inside the Ultra Low Emission Zone extension or where there is high density housing).

To date Avenue Road has not been identified as a potential location. As mentioned before, now there has been an expression of interest we can look at making provision in a future tranche of chargers. However, whilst we would like to provide charging points to satisfy individual needs, we already have a number of locations that have been identified so any provision will not be in the near future and is contingent on future funding being available.

Hopefully that answers the queries raised.