The Local Manifesto

Enfield Conservatives Manifesto 2018
Delivering a borough where there are opportunities for all 

Our Key Priorities

• Listen and respond to residents’ concerns
• Deliver a value for money, low tax council focussed on front line services
• Keep our streets clean and tidy – fly tipping will not be tolerated
• Protect and enhance our Borough’s open spaces and the Green Belt
• Deliver a school place for every child by supporting new secondary schools and expanding existing ones
• Deliver new affordable homes for sale and rent
• Invest in our high streets and town centres to reduce empty shops
• Work with the Police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour
• Deliver a Borough of opportunity for all by encouraging inward investment and creating new jobs

Value for money

• Deliver a value for money, low tax council
• Run an efficient council focussed on front line services
• Work with the Government on its review of council funding to obtain a fairer deal for Enfield
• Ensure those who claim benefits are entitled to them and crack down on fraudulent claims
• Improve members’ ability to scrutinise decisions and hold the Council to account
• We will always remember “council money” is your money

An Accessible Council

• Put your requirements and concerns at the heart of what Enfield Council does
• Provide a dedicated telephone number for vulnerable and elderly people to enable them to speak directly to an officer
• Improve the Council’s website to make it easier for you to use
• Overhaul the call centre to provide a service that meets your needs
• Improve customer response times
• Expand the use of social media to enable you to log enquiries and complaints more easily


• Deliver a weekly refuse, recycling and green waste collection service
• Halt new cycle lanes and undertake a review of the A105 to improve health and safety
• Review the Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme and continue with projects only where there is clear public support for them
• Use innovative methods to improve street cleaning
• Enforce zero tolerance on fly tipping and littering – prosecute those who flout the law
• Work with and support our voluntary groups to protect and improve our parks & open spaces
• Plant 2018 trees across the borough
• Enhance our green spaces by introducing a pocket parks scheme
• Increase the number of electric charging points to encourage more residents to move to electric vehicles
• Improve the standards of our roads and pavements

Children & Young People

• Support schools to raise educational standards
• Improve choice for parents by supporting new academies who wish to invest in our Borough
• Deliver a school place for every child and prepare for the shortfall in secondary school places
• Provide the very best support to young people in care and with special needs
• Improve access for young people in need of mental health services
• Support families to stay together – placing children in care should be a last resort
• Introduce a dedicated scrutiny panel for young people

Community and Leisure Services

• Re-open the historic Enfield Highway library and obtain better premises for Southgate Library
• Maintain and support our existing libraries
• Enhance the range and quality of events at Forty Hall, Millfield Theatre and the Dugdale Centre
• Strive to deliver improved, high class facilities at our leisure centres.
• Bring back the community festivals programme to make people proud of where they live. Reintroduce the Town Park Fireworks display and support the St Georges’s Day event.
• Tackle obesity and diabetes by providing opportunities for young people and adults to take more exercise

Keeping People Safe

• Double the number of council funded Police Officers on the street
• Campaign to re-open Enfield and Southgate Police Stations
• Urge the Police to use body cameras for stop and search to reduce knife crime and keep young people safe
• Oppose the Labour Mayor of London’s plan for Enfield to share a borough commander with Haringey and merge both forces
• Tackle gang related crime and anti-social behaviour by effective joint working between the Police, the Council and other agencies

High Streets & Town Centres

• Create an empty shops task force to secure more investment in our high streets
• Provide 30 minutes pop & shop parking bays in all shopping areas.
• Support and assist small businesses to grow and celebrate the Small Business Saturday initiative each year
• Run campaigns to encourage residents to shop locally
• Facilitate investment in our commercial and industrial estates along the Lee valley
• Provide Christmas lighting in key high street locations in Edmonton, Enfield, Palmers Green and Southgate

A Borough of Opportunity for all

• Work with businesses to create the right conditions for further job creation. Support regular jobs fairs.
• Increase the number of apprenticeship and graduate places at Enfield Council and other large employers locally
• Create an Enterprise Zone/Business Development Districts in the eastern part of the Borough to kick start regeneration and further unlock Enfield’s economic potential
• Campaign to upgrade and improve the Borough’s train and Tube services
• Support Crossrail 2 coming to

Enfield Housing

• Prohibit residential development in the Green Belt
• Accelerate the delivery of new affordable housing for sale and rent on council estates and brownfield sites.
• Make starting the construction of new homes at Meridian Water in Edmonton a priority • Generate additional grant for new affordable homes in Edmonton by delivering a second housing zone
• Deliver new affordable homes on the vacant sites at Forty Hill and Holtwhites Hill as a matter of urgency
• Prioritise the completion of the stalled residential sites at Parsonage Lane, Lavender Hill, Tudor Rd and Jasper Close as a matter of urgency
• Stop the purchase of private housing by the Council.

Adult Social Care

• The safeguarding of vulnerable adults will be our top priority
• Help elderly residents who wish to remain in their own homes
• Invest in good quality care homes across the Borough and ensure they are delivered on time
• Provide support and respite for those caring for the elderly
• Work with the Over 50’s Forum and Age UK to ensure the Council listens and responds to the concerns of Enfield’s older residents
• Support the local voluntary sector to provide high quality care for Enfield’s vulnerable elderly residents
• Work with the local NHS to ensure that hospital discharges for the elderly are managed effectively with proper care and support

A Healthier Enfield

• Reduce obesity in adults and children by encouraging the use of our leisure centres and healthy eating
• Deliver a targeted communications campaign to reduce the number of people smoking and provide support services to those who give up smoking
• Support our NHS partners in promoting appropriate vaccinations for children and adults
• Commission comprehensive sexual health services including contraceptive advice
• Reduce health inequalities across the Borough
• Work with partners to ensure the commissioning and provision of public health care is of high quality, appropriate to the needs of the community and gives good value for money.