Alan Pullinger Centre – Response- MEQ

Questions and Response:

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email dated 8 September 2019 where you requested information about Alan Pullinger Centre’s gate installation.

Your request and our response in red text below.

  1. Please confirm when and for what reason the Alan Pullinger Centre has had a gate erected.

    The gate and fencing installation commenced on or about 6th September 2019.
    The railings and gate were installed to the Alan Pullinger Youth Centre Car Park following the build of the Premier Inn Hotel opposite to the site to improve user safety, site security, prevent trespassing and control anti-social behaviour, as this was brouht to our attention by councillors such as yourself in the ward.

  2. Please also confirm how much this costed.

    The costs of the works are £4,209.51 + VAT and these costs are to be repaid by a third party and therefor no cost to the Council.



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