ANT 1 NEWS, GREECE: Brexit and membership of the European Union

A day before the historic referendum on the UK’s  membership of the EU I was interviewed on Greek TV by ANT 1, to give my view on the issue.

I made it clear that as our closest neighbour, we must continue to remain a member of the European Union because when we leave, there is no going back…. The door will be shut for good. What’s more, 45 percent of our trade is done with the EU. An exit therefore puts our existing trade agreements at risk, and with that jobs, and crucially investment.

If we want to create more jobs, better-paid jobs and higher-quality jobs, and if we want to keep protecting the rights of British workers, there is no road to the future that does not go through Europe. But the vote tomorrow is about more than that. It is a momentous, generation-defining decision about what kind of country we are and what kind of future we offer our children.

Britain should be leading in Europe, not leaving it.

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