Antiques Shop- 62A High Street- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

I would like to have a complete and concise update on the status of progress Enfield Council is making against Deal or No Deal Antiques, on 62A High Street, Southgtae N14.


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

CRM MEQ 19015 – 62a High Street

Just to update you,

——- of the above premises was taken to court ( 26/09/19 )  regarding the goods displayed on the highway.

Although ——– never turned up at court, the following sentence was given:

  1. Fine £440
  2. VSC £44
  3. Costs £ 721.99
  4. Collection Order
  5. 28 days to pay

Legal also applied for a disposal order which was granted. And asked if goods are still displayed after 24th October 2019  I have to  let them know.

I will update you further if/when I get any more information.

Kind regards


One thought on “Antiques Shop- 62A High Street- MEQ

  1. Thanks Stephanos – if it was operating as a bonafide antique shop or even bric brac shop but it’s just a complete dumping ground and complete eysesore! Furniture and other stuff piled up high on the side, on the pavement in front of the shop and even stuff laid out onto the pavement!!! Awful awful awful. Thank you for looking into this. Not fair on neighbours nor nice for visitors to Southgate.

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