Bike Hangers, Nursery Road- MEQ

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February 2021

Council install bike hangers after just 2 people requested it

  • Cycle storage installed on streets where few people have requested them.
  • Money is being wasted.

Enfield’s Labour Council has installed bike hangars on the Nursery Road on the request of just 2 local residents. The cycle hangars have caused concerns due to the space they take up on the street.

The bike hangars are being installed as part of the Labour Council’s healthy streets agenda. However, it has come to light that the council is spending taxpayers’ cash on bike hangars for locations where very few residents have requested them.

Residents have complained that bike hangars have been placed in their roads without the support of the majority of the people in their streets. Bike hangars are good thing in areas where there is a good level cycling but it is a waste to put them in locations where there is little demand for them to be installed.

Councillor Stephanos Ioannou, Councillor for Southgate Ward said
“There seems to be clear double standard here. The council are happy to reject a 6,000 signed petition against bin changes, and happy to reject 6,000 people calling for an end to the LTNs, but when two people ask for a bike hangar it surprisingly gets accepted. This is a frivolous expenditure and is seriously unjustified.”

The cost including installation of the hangars is £3050. The council will soon be installing 11 of these hangars, costing approximately £34,000.

Note to editor

Information was obtained by via a Members Enquiry

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