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Original Email:

Dear Department,

There are piles of dumped charity offerings outside the charity shops in Southgate.

I have enquired about this before and got no response.

It’s becoming an issue I am increasingly becoming more annoyed with.
Residents are saying that the area is becoming a dumping ground, and also that the high street looks a mess.

Commercial shop owners on the stretch also are annoyed..

  1. Can the dumped donations be collected?
  2. Can the council please speak to charity shops and express that fly-tipping isn’t allowed
  3. What is the legislation around flipping around charity shops/ donating when the premises are closed?
  4. Are residents even allowed to keep donations outside the shop?

Kind Regards,
Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward,


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Donations left outside of charity shops would remain the responsibility of the source and not the shop itself.

The shop cannot be held accountable until they accept the donation and, as many charity shops have been closed for a long period (some remaining so) this has likely led to an increase in donations being left on the pavement. In normal circumstances, charity shops accept donations and dispose of what they cannot sell in accordance with their commercial waste agreements.

Enforcement work has been carried out along Chase Side, N14 to ensure that businesses are complying and fulfilling their Duty of Care when it comes to commercial waste.

Many charity shops have a sign or sticker in the window asking the public not to leave donations on the pavement outside the shop. Unfortunately, the shops cannot do much more than this.

As the responsibility for leaving donations outside of charity shops remains with the source, any depositing, specifically outside of business hours would be treated as a fly-tipping offence. The difficulty is with regards to obtaining evidence from the items, as it is unlikely that items containing the individuals name and address will be left outside the premises.

Back around May time, the Council made an appeal on Social Media regarding this very issue, which is increasingly difficult to enforce, asking residents not to leave charity donations on the street when businesses are closed.

I have liaised with the street cleaning team who have advised that crews collect dumped donations daily.6441-19397-103008-008-ss

Kind regards,


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