Chase Road Sign- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

There is still an unnecessary sign that hasn’t been removed in the Southgate area.

The image attached shows that actually this stretch of road isn’t Chase Road, but instead Dennis Parade leading onto Winchcmore Hill Road. Lorries motorists and even pedestrians are becoming frustrated by the poor decision to keep this sign here, whilst the Dennis Parade sign is legitimate in its right to be there.

Can we please get this removed so that people can find their way around.

Kind Regards,

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councillor for Southgate ward,


Good afternoon Councillor Ioannou,

Thank you for your enquiry dated 21st June 2019 regarding the re-positioning of the Chase Road street name plate.

We have recently placed an order for June/July with our contractors for a bulk of street name plates, I have confirmed with my manager that although we agree that this street name plate could be moved to a more effective placement within Chase Road we do not consider it an urgent priority and as such we will place it on the next order.  The next order due to be placed is in August/September.

If I have enough street name plate enquiries to place a further order before August/September I will include this on the order

Kind regards


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