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Dear Department,

I am emailing you regarding the state of one of the parking facilities around Southgate, particularly on the back of Southgate Parade on Chase side, with the drive opposite the KFC.

This drive has a gate which is managed by Enfield Council and businesses have yet to receive a key to the gate which is a shame.

I would however like to bring to your attention however the state of the regulations on parking there. I have been informed by a local resident that the parking is now regulated by a private company, instructed by Enfield Council.

The resident is however under the impression- after living there for 13 years- that the land was owned by the Council, and never knew.

I want to therefore ask the question:

Q) Are the Council 100% sure they own the land at the back of the parade?Are they allowed to instruct the private company to check the state of those parking there?Have they properly informed residents and businesses about this action?

I look forward to the response.

Kind Regards,


Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your enquiry, copied below my signature. The mapping below compares satellite imagery of the location with Enfield’s records of what areas fall (the shaded bits) under the public highway it controls.

None of the area at the rear of KFC appears to fall under public highway. Nor can I find it within our corporately owned car parks.

Should the Council be the owner of any such service yard or parking area then it would enjoy the same powers as any other landowner to control access and parking activity.

Our property services team may be able to offer you a definitive answer as to whether Enfield Council is the landowner, if you can supply them with suitable mapping. Otherwise, Land Registry (see online) offers the public the facility to make land ownership searches via its website.



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