Conservative Friends of Greece are backing Joy Morrissey for Ealing Central & Acton

Conservative Friends of Greece are backing the Conservative candidate for Ealing Central and Acton Joy Morrissey.

Joy is by far the best person to represent the interests of Ealing Central and Acton in a strong and stable Conservative government – and to give constituents a fresh and distinctive voice in Parliament. Joy’s background includes undertaking humanitarian work in Albania, Kosova, China and India, before completing her degree at the London School of Economics, where she was also on the Board of Governors.

In 2014- elected as a councillor for the Hanger Hill ward in Ealing. Building on her past experience, Joy has been able to work with all communities within the borough. This was illustrated when she was the first Conservative elected by residents to the Acton Vale Estate Management Committee. Additionally, Joy was a key player in saving The Solace Centre, a mental health walk-in facility that the Labour council was intent on closing. Working closely with organisations helping ex-offenders get back into employment, organising highly successful apprenticeship fairs, and is deeply committed to the residents of Ealing and Acton.

Joy believe’s passionately in every person, no matter their background, skills or race, getting a fair deal in society.

Joy’s the only candidate who will stand with Theresa May as she provides the strong and stable leadership that we need in Ealing Central and Acton, and across the United Kingdom, to get the best possible deal from Brexit, and to lock in the economic progress we’ve made so far.

Her priorities are serve the needs of all our constituents – and champion the priorities of the great borough of Ealing.

Get involved and #BackJoy 

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