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Original Email:

Good Evening MEQ Team,

I am emailing regarding certain aspects of the recent patrols around Southgate, which are concerning me:

  1. Simply read the comment below from this local business who witnessed the events today. Are these council employees allowed to be walking around with unbranded, and frankly thuggish looking attire when they are actually supposed to be patrolling the area and making sure people are aware of the enforcement presence?
  2. In the past enforcement officers were wearing branded clothing, had a stab-proof vest, and a camera installed on their chest plate. Now as we can see these employees have none of that. Is this the new look or did something seriously go wrong?
  3. I have heard from many businesses in the area that these enforcement officers are occasionally hanging about in the alleyway between the dentist and Bairstow Eves. Occasionally apparently you might even catch them rolling a cigarette and leaning on the wall as they have a good natter for 15 or so minutes.
  4. Finally we are patrolling Chase Side at approximately 12midday. On what grounds did the councils suddenly decide, without even asking councillors who know the area at the back of their hand, that this was at all a sensible time????? Ashmole, Walker, Durant’s, Osidge, St. Andrews, West Grove all break up at 3-3:30pm and the college also. Why are we patrolling at such an adhoc time when I am sure the police who are copied in will admit most ASB and incidents happen when schools just break up???

Plan of action then:

  1. Please sort the look out its completely wrong. As the resident and business owner mentions its more intimidating than reassuring
  2. Please look to sort out appearance ASAP
  3. Please can we actually look into the logging of responsibilities and duties they carry out when on patrol? I and I am sure others would really like to know what they are doing because by sounds of things its minimal.
  4. Honestly… change the time to 3pm at least so we can get some reassurance

I ask for all in this email to be CC’d on response

Kind Regards,

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou

Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward, 


Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your enquiry below regarding the appearance of the Litter & Spitting Enforcement Team.

Further to my email (ref CRM MEQ 27198), I can advise/confirm the following:

Yes these are the litter wardens and their remit is littering, fly tipping (black bag/dumped waste), trade waste offences and spitting. The do not patrol for ASB issues currently, however I am aware of a voluntary patrol around the schools in Enfield Town and wondered I you were referring to this and there was a similar scheme in Southgate.

In relation to your constituent’s comments regarding lockdown patrols, we commenced yesterday with COVID-19 Marshals in the main centres and have placed advisory road signs on the highway. These town centres are being patrolled 7 days a week and are highly visible with marked ‘COVID-19 Marshal’ Hi Vis vests and masks/Visors to reassure the public and offer advice on the Tier requirements. There are six pairs and one pair has been allocated to Southgate Town Centre.

Regarding the issue you raised over the grouping and dress, we conducted a site inspection 08/12/2020 and none of the officers were in pairs or groups. I met with the contractor’s Head of Service last week to progress the uniform issues (which we have been addressing) and they have ordered, and are waiting for, high visibility stab vests with ‘enforcement officers’ on the rear. They should also have been wearing their wet weather gear, Council ID badge, and this has been addressed by their Team leader.

Further unannounced site visits will be conducted and I await confirmation of the new uniforms, however I agree that they should be (and used to be) clearly identifiable as Council Staff and Enforcement Officers.

Yours sincerely

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