CRM MEQ 29126 Nursery Road, Southgate [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Councillor Ioannou

The multi-agency meeting took place. Whilst I cannot give details of the information provided at the meeting, as you are aware, there are a variety of issues involved and the overall matter has been going on for some time.

Previous actions have resulted in the removal of parked vans/vehicles from the roads. As long as the vehicles are taxed, MoT’d and insured they can be legally parked on roads where there are no parking restrictions. Unfortunately this allows them to be there for some time and they would need to be in a considerable state of disrepair before they can be considered abandoned. Currently we do not believe there are any vehicles on the surrounding roads that cannot legally be there.

Regarding the selling of vehicles in the street, the main form of advertising you have provided is from Facebook. The photos of vehicles do not appear to be of streets in or around Nursey Road. Most of the adverts were posted over a year ago or longer and very few cars are currently advertised through Facebook. If you become aware of other social media platforms where he advertises please let me know.

A trader may sell goods on Facebook or via other social media platforms provided it is clear from the advertising that the seller is a trader. Mr Stylianou and his wife’s Facebook page contain many  adverts for a wide variety of vehicles making it unlikely a consumer would be misled in to thinking either was a private seller, even for recent adverts. We do not appear to have had any reason to contact him regarding the vehicles he has sold.

To prove a case of illegal street trading we would need more evidence of cars offered for sale on the street or to catch the sale in progress.

Other potential issues around rubbish, fly tipping and pest nuisance are being monitored along with ensuring vehicles on the street are taxed, MOT’d and insured.

We appreciate the cumulative affect different types of behaviours can have on communities and individuals. It can feel as if there is no respite if one behaviour is stopped only for another to take its place. As a Trading Standards Service our input in to addressing your constituents concerns is limited. We will continue to support our Environmental Crime Unit and Anti-Social Behaviour team colleagues. They took action in 2019 and the current behaviours fall within their remit and powers. They continue to work with the police, who are aware of the concerns your constituents have identified. I can assure you that work continues in relation to the issues in and around Nursery Road

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