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Original Email:

Dear Department,

It has been three days consecutively that I have been driving on my way to work and seeing that the commercial shop is using the public footpath as a display for his business. I even managed to glimpse a lady with a buggy, who was struggling to get past and resorted to walking in the road.

I am aware that the owner is going on a training course… and I am aware they have been fined.. however this business hasn’t learnt a thing from the prior mistakes and residents are blaming me for the failure to manage this situation. When can we get a grip on this so we can have sensible shopkeepers??

Kind Regards, 

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou


Dear Councillor Ioannou,

The reason for this email is following on from your email about the above premises still having goods out on the public highway.

XXXXXX spoke to the Occupier last week and he has confirmed that he will be attending a PACE interview which has been scheduled for Wednesday 3 April at the Civic Centre. Please also be advised that every time an officer visits the location and finds goods being left on the public highway constitutes to  a further offence.

As I am now the ward officer for Southgate, I will update you once I have any further information.

Kind  regards


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