Depot of Hillside Grove- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

Could you please pass this on to the relevant person in Property Services (I do not have a contact any more).

I was talking to the people who rent the garages in the depot the other day and they said it was like a jungle.  They can barely get to the garages and drive their car in.  Also the trees are very overgrown and need cutting back.  The depot looks like a complete tip, needs a thorough clean and the grass and weeds need to be cut.  They are going to try and contact someone in the Council but said most of their contacts have left.


Thank you for your enquiry and for bringing these issues at Hillside Grove Depot to our attention.  We have instructed our Highways team to raise a job with the contractors and have asked for the trees to be cut back, and a general clear up to include the weeds, debris and waste.  These works will be undertaken as soon as possible.


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