Developments During COVID-19

Original Email:
Dear Department,

There are many site workers continuing to go to work, and developers are continuing to request workers go in as normal.

This is despite the government making clear that crowds and sites shouldn’t be working.
I personally believe these should be dispersed for public safety.

Can I please ask what guidance should be given to devleopers in our borough in regards to continuing works on developments, and if they are allowed to continue.

Can I aslo ask why small household oweners are being advised not to have builders and traders not enter there house? I hope the council wont allow double standards- and one rule for them and another for the others. 

Clarity please.

Kind Regards,
Councillor Stephanos Ioannou
Southgate Ward, London Borough of Enfield.


Classification: OFFICIAL

Cllr Ionnou

Thank you for raising this, and I have copied in Sue McDaid whose team are responding to concerns about businesses operating when they should not be, or un unsafe ways.

I would add however that at this time, construction activity has been deemed ok by the government to continue as long as appropriate distancing can take place.

Kind Regards



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