Farmleigh Roundabout Issue- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department,

I would like to enquire who maintains this green space at the roundabout along Farmleigh, Southgate N14. The maintenance here is clearly an issue, and residents have been in touch to raise there concerns about how cars are mounting the greenery and ruining the shrubbery here.

Can we look to explore the idea of a community space garden here? As the road is not busy and is on an awkward bend that means slow passing cars, surely we can look to regenerate this space? I am also of the view that we must install wooden bollards similar to those on Winchmore Hill Road and Hounsden Road in order to mitigate the issue of damaged green for the near future.

I hope we can get this issue solved.

Kind Regards, 

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou


Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thanks for your enquiry dated 19th February 2019 regarding the maintenance and community garden proposal for Farmleigh Southgate roundabout.

I can confirm to you that I have visited the site, and it is clear that vehicles are over running the kerb and damaging the grass area, we will be looking into designs to prevent this from occurring again. These works will be programmed and add to the list to take place in new financial year as this year’s funding has already been allocated to other projects.

Hope this answers your query.

Kind regards


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