I promised to get TFL to give Southgate Tube Station the refurbishment it deserved. 

I am proud to say that already my pledge has been successful, and we have a result.


Ref: 12013625 

Dear Cllr Ioannou 

Thank you for your email of 15 June and subsequent telephone call.

I do not yet have details regarding all the concerns you have raised but I wanted to share the information that I do have with you.

Photo 1 – The shelter will be redecorated this financial year.  The wires were used to raise and lower the lights on pulleys so they are not live and there is no risk of electrocution.  I am still awaiting news on when the wires will be removed.

Photo 2 – The lighting column was last inspected in November 2017 and did not pose any immediate risk.  Further tests are planned shortly.

Photo 3 – The benches will be repainted when the shelter is redecorated.

Photo 4 – The bins will also be repainted.

Photos 5, 7 & 8 – Both units 4 and 6 are under offer. Number 1 Chase Side only became vacant in the last couple of weeks.  We recently let units 1 and 5 on the station and units 1 2 and 8 on the Parade.

Photo 6 – The art-décor blue panels will be repaired during the works.

Photo 9 – The sign to the High Street will be repaired.

Photo 10 – The roof will be repaired and the solar reflective coating will be renewed.

In addition funding is being made available to strip and redecorate the escalator incline barrel and the lower concourse area.

Thanks again for contacting us. If there is anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can call us on 0343 222 1234 and we’ll be happy to help you.


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