Youth Engagement with British Politics by Christos Tuton (VP) On Saturday 24 March, NEPOMAK UK’s Vice-President, Christos Tuton, and Committee Member, Stephanos Ioannou, visited the Hellenic TV studio to film a discussion about the engagement of young people and young Cypriots in British politics. The discussion was inspired by Stephanos Ioannou candidacy in the local council elections on Thursday 3 May.

NEPOMAK UK saw Stephanos’ candidacy as a good opportunity to highlight the topic of young peoples’ engagement with politics. One of NEPOMAK’s key aims is to encourage our community to engage with politics, and before the General Election in 2017 NEPOMAK UK made a video about why it is important to vote and why it is important for young people to have their voices heard in British politics.

During the discussion, they reflected on some of Stephanos’ experiences and involvement in politics so far. They also considered how Cypriots have excelled in fields such as law, business, medicine and teaching, and are now becoming more involved in British politics – as demonstrated by Bambos Charalambous’ election in 2017 as the Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate. One of the most important messages from the interview was that it does not matter which political party you support; the crucial thing is to get involved and have your opinions heard. Furthermore, by becoming more active in British political parties, UK Cypriots will take issues that are important to them, such as the Cyprus issue, and expose those to a wider group of people who may have never heard of the Cyprus issue before.

The discussion will be broadcast on Hellenic TV 21.04.2018 at 20.00, and will be available to view Freeview Channel 264, Cyta UK Roku Box, on Hellenic TV’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Stephanos Ioannou is standing to be a councillor in the Southgate Ward of Enfield Council for the Conservative Party on Thursday 3 May.

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