Hillside Grove- MEQ

Thank you for your report of weeds in Hillside Grove

Street Cleansing are responsible for weed removal from all hard surfaces and pavements on the public highway, but not verges or planted areas.

We as an authority use a glyphosate based weedkillers in the form of pre mixed chemicals distributed by electronic Controlled Droplet Applicators (CDA’s) which allow accuracy of coverage.

The chemical does require a growing leaf in order to work and is rapidly inactivated on reaching the soil ensuring it does not contaminate nearby planting, or grassed areas.

This type of chemical is only used as a spot spray on growing weeds, which means any new germinating weed will continue to grow in the same area and because of this there is a need to spray the whole of the public highway network on a continually rotating basis throughout the season.

All roads and footpaths will generally get 3 or sometimes 4 sprays per annum, dependant on the weather.

Weeds will generally take 2 – 3 weeks to die off and once dead should be removed by the cleansing team

The use of chemicals has been fully risk assessed with the pre-mixed glyphosate mix being introduced as the safest option, as it negates the need to manually mix chemicals whilst on the public highway

The use of this type of chemical and its application has been used by the authority since 2011

This road was last sprayed on 23/3/2022 during the first spray of the season and is due again within the next week or two

It seems the manual removal of the dead weeds has not taken place on this occasion, so the Senior Chargehand for the area will ensure this is done as soon as possible after the second spray has taken effect

Yours sincerely

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