Illegally Parked Ambulances on Pickard Close- MEQ

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There appears to be a local private ambulance company that is being allowed to park up all day in the close, drivers sleeping , the ambulances being cleaned out on to the close whilst on single yellow lines. They are there every day.
Pickard close is very narrow and this adds to congestion and lack of visibility for drivers.
Why are Enfield council allowing these private companies to break the law? We already have the council ignoring all the bikes outside macdonalds. Why don’t the council just allow free parking for everyone?

Dear Cllr Ioannou

Thank you for your email regarding the ambulances that are parking on restrictions in PickardClose N14 and other nearby roads. We have had recent reports regarding this issue so have been targeting the area.  The Traffic Management Order does exempt ambulances from parking on restrictions as shown below but as stated it is for the purpose of ambulance duties.

Clearly the Ambulances are not carrying out such duties so if they are found to be parked on a contravention then a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued to the vehicle. There is a private company based in Chase Road N14 where the ambulances are registered  which suggests that’s where these vehicles belong to.

As stated the area is already on our enforcement list and receiving regular visits which has resulted in Penalty Charge Notices being issued. This will continue for the forceable future.

To report illegally parked vehicles please call The Parking Shop on 020 3856 0036 which is operational 24 hrs a day, or The parking Team on 020 8379 6406 Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.

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One thought on “Illegally Parked Ambulances on Pickard Close- MEQ

  1. Hello Στέφανε.

    I hope my reply finds you well.
    I appreciate fully how you successfully got the menace of the private “ambulances” removed from Pickard Close but can I bring it to your attention that now the so called ambulances have gone the situation is now just as bad if not worse then before due to patrons of the Hart Lounge on Chase road parking their cars every night all along the length of Pickard Close which makes driving up to the residential area difficult and at times dangerous.
    On numerous occasions I have spoken to people while driving past advising them to park their car to the rear of the YOGO Group flats where there is a large enough carpark only to be blanked or receive a dose of verbal abuse.
    I hope something can be done as soon as possible before an accident were to occur.

    Yours sincerely

    Jimmy D Vassou

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