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Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your further e-mail. Below are responses to each of the resident’s questions you may wish to pass on. Please note this enquiry also came to us via the Leader’s office who have also received the below information.

Why were we not informed in writing of the road closures?

Whilst residents living with the area and the immediate surrounding roads were informed of the scheme, it is not practical to send a letter to every home in the Borough regarding every closure. Although details are published in the Enfield Independent:

Signs on the highway are then in place to inform motorists as they travel on the Boroughs roads of any restrictions that maybe currently in force.

Why was there no consultation about the scheme (sent to us or put through our door) before the implementation of the trial? 

There has been significant engagement around the Fox Lane scheme. Again, it is not practical to send details of every engagement opportunity to ever home. However, the distribution areas will be reviewed for these types of schemes in an effort to communicate to even more residents (potentially increasing the 7,000 homes that have received communications directly).

Why was there no signage, either on The Bourne or on the High Street, giving prior warning of the section of road closed on The Meadway?            

Some advanced warning signage is in place, as you reference in your email. Whilst you have your own views on how clear this is, the Council are of the view the ‘no motor vehicle’ signs placed on Meadway do clearly show that motor vehicles should not pass through. We have included photos here:

Why is there no ‘road closed’ sign or bollard, as there is on other LTN roads which are similarly closed in the vicinity?                                                                                     

There is no bollard used at this location, as at some of the other closures, because the emergency services requested that this particular closure (like Fox Lane) enabled them to pass through unhindered. The closure is appropriately signed as outlined above.

Why did it take eight days to send out the first penalty notice? 

Penalty notices are issued as soon as they are processed and allow time for payment / appeal from the date they are served. More information on appeals is here:

We appreciate that you recognise the need for these types of schemes as we work towards combating the climate emergency we face. We are sorry to hear about both your illness and the anguish this has caused you.  

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  1. I hope this isn’t a stupid question but what is the situation with vehicles delivering on the roads affected and workman carrying out jobs? How are they supposed to do this ?

    1. In responses to the first part if it is any ordinary delivery it does not come under authorised vehicles so will be ticketed. Most works at the moment have been paused due to COVID if you meant road works?

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