Mayfair Terrace Environmental Issues- MEQ

Original Email:

Dear Department, 

There is a backstreet access road for garages along Mayfair Terrace, and it is currently used as a dumping ground by those who have access via the locked gates only. The residents of Hillside Grove are furious that the back alley and the view they have form the back of their properties is being neglected in this way, and they have asked that I get in contact to seek an officer to see the mess for themselves.

In addition the trees along the alley here represent a fire hazard as they are severely overgrown and have never been maintained. Residents have even offered in their hundreds the cost of maintaining the trees but the residents with access to the road have been very uncooperative. 

Please can I arrange an officer to come and see the mess, and ask if anyone from the council has a key for this. Who also is the legal owner of the back alley… is it Enfield council?

Kind Regards,
Councillor Stephanos Ioannou


Dear Councillor Ioannou

Thank you your recent enquiry in relation to the rear of Mayfair Terrace, N14. I have liaised with the relevant services, who have provided the following information, which I hope is of use.

The Waste Enforcement Ward Officer for the area carried out an inspection on 15th March 2019 and located the alley gate in question, leading to the rear of the properties in Mayfair Terrace. The gate had been left unlocked, therefore allowing access to anyone. Upon further inspection, the land was slightly overgrown, however no fly-tipped waste was found.

One of the garages at the end of the access road had some pieces of wood leaning up against the wall. This is not being treated as fly-tipping as the wood appears to have come from a neighbouring garage. The wood was not causing an obstruction to anyone wishing to access the service road.

One of the properties in Hillside Grove has a small section of land at the rear cordoned off for treatment of Japanese Knotweed. There were signs affixed to the netting for TP Knotweed Solutions Ltd.

In light of the above, there is no formal enforcement action to be taken at this moment in time. However, residents are reminded of the importance of keeping such alley gates locked so as to prevent access to those who do not require it.

Please see the following photos taken below on the time of the visit.


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