MEQ 26647 – Access Road- Chase Side N14

Original Email:

Dear Department,

There is an ongoing issue on the access road opposite KFC on Chase Side Southgate N14. 

The issue ranges from parking issues, waste and fly-tipping, drug-dealing and a few more that residents I am sure will mention. 

Cllr Levy and myself are aware of the issue and now have residents begging for a final solution to the issue so that they can live in peace without being caught up in  range of issues. 

  1. Parking: The road as we understand is the pure responsibility of the council and therefore highways. This means that the gate, parking and waste is the councils responsibility 
  2. Waste: The situation regarding waste is a difficult one, as although daily sweeping has been reinstated for the ward town centre this access road has been entirely left out.
  3. Drugs: This has become all too a common place for dealings to take place. Police are being informed by residents always 

These three issues could easily be remedied if the situation with the gate was resolved swiftly. 

The fact the council only put a padlock that later gets broken off, and the key isn’t given to those just in need is a poor display of how this isn’t being resolved. 

Can I request that Cllrs. And Officers meet with the concerned resident so that we can resolve this please?

Kind Regards,

Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Conservative Councilor for Southgate ward, 
London Borough of Enfield


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email.

The Environmental Protection Team informs me that the alley/access road is not the responsibility of the Council, it is private land over which the Council has no jurisdiction. The alley was gated as part of the Alley Gating Scheme which provides and maintains alley gates for private alleys. At the time of application it is made clear that while the gates remain the property of Enfield Council the alley is private land and any issues arising need to be addressed as a civil matter by the residents.

When the gates were installed only those residents with access rights were provided with keys for the padlocks. It would have been impressed on residents that for the gates to be effective they should be kept locked when not in use. The Council will repair/maintain the alley gate and padlocks. Any issues with the alley gate and/or padlocks should be reported to 379 1000.

The Street Cleansing Team informs me that their team clear the areas marked every Thursday. The area senior chargehand will monitor to ensure that their work is being carried out thoroughly.

The Community Safety Unit informs me that they have received reports of Anti-Social Behaviour in and around Southgate High Street however have never received specific areas.

Following your enquiry the information was passed to ASB co-ordinator Daniel Hunt who is currently investigating the issues in the area. Mr Hunt has carried out a visit to the location to gather further information however failed to witness any evidence of ASB.

The CCTV centre has been requested to monitor the location and report back any ASB they witness to Mr Hunt.

Mr Hunt has contacted the police to establish if they are aware of the issues and what actions have been taken. They have advised they are aware of parking issues related to delivery drivers however have not been made aware of any issues with anti-social behaviour have confirmed they will monitor the area when on patrols.

Mr Hunt will be making contact with KFC and the surrounding businesses to gather further evidence of the issues and provide advice on reporting the issues.

I hope the above addresses the enquiry raised.

Kind regards,

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