MEQ- ASDA noise complaints.

I write in response to your enquiry regarding out of hours works at Asda in Southgate.

The contractor contacted the Council and requested a Section 61 Agreement to undertake works to the car park at Asda on four consecutive Sundays (weather permitting). A Section 61 is a document between the Council and a business which allows noisy works to take place and in this case outside of normal working hours. The agreement limits the times and dates that the works can take place.

The repairs are of short duration, with the noisy element being 17:00 – 19:30, with resin being laid for the remained of the working part of the evenings.

As the request was for works that will be of short duration and unlikely to lead to an unreasonable level of disturbance we put in place a Section 61 Agreement. There will be works outside of normal hours and these have been agreed. This does not give the contractor the right to make as much noise as they like and the agreement has controls in place.

Yours sincerely,

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