MEQ- ASDA Trollies

Original Email

Thank you for your email and images which I have aknowldged.

Dear department,

There has been no interest by ASDA to remove these trolleys from the location mentioned:

  1. Nursery Road
  2. Grant Close
  3. Ramsey Way
  4. Allotment between Chelmsford Road and Chase Road- access pedestrian way into back of ASDA Southgate
  5. Southgate Circus
  6. Crown Lane

Can I please ask for a team to urgently visit these locations and remove them- they pose a hazard to motorists as they can easily get blown into the road.

Thank you


Dear Councillor Ioannou

A team patrolled the area mentioned by your constituent and removed all of the remaining abandoned ASDA trollies at the weekend.

Yours sincerely

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