MEQ – Hobart House

I refer to your recent rejection of a response regarding the scaffolding erections around Hobart House following an investigation by the enforcement team.

I do recognise the scaffolding has been in situ for some time (February 2022). Planning permission is not required for scaffolding where it is required in connection with building work. There is normally a safety case to support the presence of scaffolding and as a result, while building work continues, there is nothing that the Council, as local planning authority can do to remove the scaffolding. Even if building work has paused and / or suspended, the need for the scaffolding would need to be established prior to any action being considered.

Where the scaffolding is situated on the highway, a license is required form the Council and this is in place. However, I can advise that we have been informed that the scaffolding is to be removed over the coming week .

I trust my comments are of assistance.

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