MEQ- Hugh Myddelton House, 25 Old Farm Avenue, LONDON, N14 5QR. [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Original Email from resident:

Not looking for a response to my complaint yet. It’s a given that people do tend to attempt a holiday this time of year  But. Meanwhile the abuse of our good nights sleep by the bin lorries continues Yesterday was awakened at 6:20 AM.

Please don’t think this complaint will go away. I might be dying of cancer but I will pursue this issue till my last breath. Literally.

Just as a reminder the current problem is:

Can I just confirm back with you that the Environmental Planning department are washing their hands of this issue as it would appear to involve the Council’s own waste collection team?

Are local authority waste collections exempt from Planning Law?

Do you think that palming off this problem with generic email contact address is an appropriate response to a local tax payer with stage 4 cancer that is having his sleep disturbed on a weekly basis by his local authority with no attempt by that authority at redress other than passing the problem back?

Where do I go to escalate this parlous response? Because I am going to escalate until someone, somewhere takes effective action.

I would have thought simple enough questions to be answered?

Best regards,



Following on from my previous email, I have spoken to Barchester and I can confirm that the waste collection was the Council collection. For this reason I will refer your latest complaint to Waste Services.

Yours sincerely

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