MEQ: Junction of Chase Side with Avenue Road/Osidge Lane.

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Dear Officers,

I’m wondering if there has been or is a plan in place to install a pedestrian crossing at the junction here? It feels very unsafe crossing, particularly with children. We and many others have to use this point to take our children to school on foot. Is there a formal request process we need to go down? I dont know the specific accident history but I know there are regular traffic accidents and I’ve seen a few ambulances there over the years. I hope there hasn’t been pedestrian incidents but I’d be surprised if not.


The Council has recently commissioned a study of the junction, mindful that the current signal timings do not include dedicated phases for pedestrians to cross. The key finding of the study was that an ‘all-red’ pedestrian phase is not feasible as this would result in significant queues and delays, adversely affecting buses as well as general traffic.

In the short-term, our focus will therefore be on trying to improve the key pedestrian refuges at the junction. In the longer term, and subject to funding being identified, the possibility of a free-standing crossing on Chase Side, to the south of the junction, will be considered further.

I hope the above answers your enquiry, should you wish to discuss any of the points made above do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

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