MEQ- Linden Way gully cleaning

Street Cleansing are now responsible for the Gully Cleansing contract on behalf of the Highways Service

Prior to September 2020 the service had been outsourced to private contractors for a period of 10 years

We are working our way through a schedule of cleansing for every road in the Borough which is taking over the scheduled two years due to lack of maintenance in the outsourced period

I am unable to locate reports on our M3 system with the reference 101000182636, nor the latest reference number given 101000218506 and there does not seem to be a video attached to the MEQ.

As our Highway mapping system does not show a gully outside no. 26 any further information would be greatly appreciated in order to thoroughly investigate the complaint

I have added this area to a list of priority work to be attended to as soon as possible, however due to the recent weather this list is quite extensive, but our team should attend by the end of next week at the latest to visit and clean all gully’s on the public highway in this vicinity providing they are accessible

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