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Dear all,

The problems with litter did improve after your previous intervention. However, walking round Southgate yesterday, the open space by Nandos was again strewn with litter. The rubbish bins had been emptied, as they had little in them, but no one seems to be picking up the rubbish across this area.

The other photo shows the gutter on Station Parade, which clearly is not being swept whilst the pavements are.

This is during lockdown when there are few people around, what will happen next week when the schools reopen?

Please could you raise this again.

Many thanks
Cllr. Stephanos Ioannou
Councillor for Southgate ward


Dear Councillor Ioannou

Thank you for your enquiry relating to litter in Southgate

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding

My colleague used to be responsible for replying to most complaints, she has unfortunately now left the authority

Having read your email trail I can see the main issue is around the open space and the pavement and channels within the TfL owned land.

The public highway in the surrounding areas is cleansed daily and I will be asking our operatives to monitor the grassed verge at the junction of Crown Lane and Station Parade with a view to litter picking when required.

The cleansing of Station Parade itself is unfortunately the responsibility of TfL and the matter has been raised with our Waste Enforcement Unit to take up with the responsible party.

As you will appreciate we are funded by public money and while a quick litter pick of the grassed area is one thing, spending time sweeping a privately owned road both manually and mechanically is something we cannot be seen to be doing.

With regards to Ashfield Parade the area is now cleansed twice daily, the operatives have been instructed to sweep the channels as well as the pavement and a mechanical sweeper visits the road early in the morning to cleanse as much of the channel as possible before the parked cars prevent this from happening.

We are loathe to change litter bins unnecessarily as each change is a costly process and funding is limited, hopefully the increase in emptying and additional cleansing instructions will help see an improvement in the area.

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