MEQ- M&S Fly-tipping clearance Response

Thank you for your report of flytipping in Park Road and Cleansing required on the footbridge

This road and the surrounding area is visited daily by a fly tip collection team and any waste found on the public highway will be removed.

Evidence found will also be photographed and passed to the Waste Enforcement Unit for the appropriate action to be taken

Our teams will also react to any reported flytip on the public highway the same day if possible, but within 24hrs if not.

With regards to Cleansing of the bridge, this is cleansed once weekly along with Park Road on a Tuesday

May I also take the opportunity to advise that flytips and cleansing issues should in future be reported using the online reporting system as they are service requests not MEQ’s, this will then ensure it is removed/actioned immediately (MEQ’s take a much longer process to be allocated to the correct officer) and they will also be logged on the system and formally recorded

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