MEQ- Orchard Avenue double yellow lines

The proposals consulted on for Orchard Avenue are shown below. No comments were received objecting.
Please see the attached image below where the department plan to place double yellow lines.

Comments: One correspondent disliked the loss of potential over-spill parking space and mentioned
that non-domestic parking was often seen to coincide with events and services at a local faith centre.

Officer Response: The angle at which the streets intersect would tend to exacerbate the limitation on
turning space if parking was permitted to continue at the mouth of the junction. There is benefit in
applying the lines for this reason, and to keep the path clear for crossing pedestrians, whether the
occasional presence of vehicles in these ‘last-resort’ positions is domestic or due to visitors to nearby
venues. Drivers of those vehicles should seek more suitable spaces further away, rather than occupy
potentially obstructive positions in contravention of the advice of the Highway Code.

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