MEQ- Southgate car theft

Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email on behalf of your constituent.

Further to the attached response from the Street Lighting Team, the Community Safety Unit informs me that following your enquiry, they have contacted Southgate Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) regarding the report around car thefts. The NPT have informed the ASB Team that unfortunately there was a spike over a 3 week period, resulting in 16 cars being stolen in Cockfosters, Southgate and Highlands wards. In that three week period the Ward Teams recovered 12 vehicles stolen from these areas and some stolen from outside of the Metropolitan Police Service area. Neighbourhood Policing Teams for these wards are conducting both overt and covert proactive patrols, and working in partnership with their Intelligence Teams, and other Neighbourhood Policing Teams to maximise their coverage and effectiveness.

The Police have advised that vehicles with keyless entry can be taken through the usage of a relay device which projects the signal from the key to the car, making the car think that the key is close by, and therefore able to be unlocked and started. The Police have recommended that an easy way of preventing this from occurring is by investing in a Faraday box or bag, which is a signal-blocking pouch/bag, coupled with a steering wheel lock, which also doubles as a visual deterrent, and minimises the risk of vehicles being stolen.

The NPT are also raising awareness on crime prevention online via their social media platforms and through leaflets through letter boxes. Your constituent can obtain more advice at

The CSU Team, would also encourage residents to sign up to OWL – Online Watch Link at or they can download the app to receive regular ward updates about what is happening in their area and the Police i.e. crime prevention messages.

The Team would urge residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime to the Police on 101, online at or 999 in an emergency.

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