MEQ- The Black Olive Seating

Original enquiry description:

Street furniture obstruction of the pavement in the Bourne N14 – Outside The Black Olive Tree 18 The Broadway, London N14 6PP. Please see images attached. Can the department please clarify if these are allowed. Do they have an agreement with the council to do this?

Response details:

Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding the tables and chairs outside this premises. I can confirm that an application is pending for the tables and chairs. Highways has been consulted and have visited the premises. The have spoken to the manager and agreed that they need to observe a distance of 1.5m form the parking machine (see photo attached). Other than this observation, highways did not have any objections to this application.

I hope this information is useful.

Kind regards

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