Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Firstly apologies for the delay in responding to your enquiry, however I can confirm that this was redirected to Property Services to respond due to ownership query regarding the car parking at the top of Snakes Lane. 

There appears to be two main parts to the enquiry, the first being about the disrepair of the roadway leading into Trent Park from the Hadley Road entrance and the other relating to the parking at the top of Snakes Lane.  

In relation to the disrepair of the roadway, following discussions with our Parks team, they have provided the text below;  

Thank you for raising your concerns regarding the car parks within the responsibility of Enfield council.

We can confirm that works to address surface issues within Trent Country Parks car parks will commence 22.11.2021, the schedule of works will address the main car park on the Cockfosters road entrance, then progress to the woodland car park adjacent to the café grounds.

Early 2022 will see the required repairs undertaken at the Hadley Road car park.

In response to the query regarding ownership, I can confirm that any parking at the top of Snakes Lane as referred to below is not within the Councils ownership, this land formed part of the 1993 transfer of land to Middlesex University, I think over the years, until such time that it transferred to the current owners, Parks users were still able to use this area for parking even though it was not in the Councils ownership or control?   In relation to the alleged signage, our Parks team have confirmed that the Council have not put up any signage and we are not collecting any penalty fees for parking here, I assume is being undertaken by the current land owners.  

I hope this helps to answer the points below.

Best wishes,

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