MEQ – Walker Primary School Car Park

Response details: Dear Cllr Stephanos Ioannou,

Thank you for your recent raised issue from your constituent regarding concerns about the car park area next to the school. Waste Enforcement visited the location on the 12th April 2023 at approx. 11:20am, patrolled the area and erected two flytipping deterrent signs on the lamppost near the entrance of the car park. Waste Enforcement re-visited after conducting ownership checks on 13th April 2023. I spoke to a member of staff in person at Walker Cricket Ground Trust who are responsible for the car park. I did question them on why the height restriction has been removed at the car park as this could attract fly-tippers / travellers. The information was noted however replied there own car park at the cricket ground besides the car park area is open and don’t have any issues.

I later spoke in person to a member of staff at the Walker School Academy and informed her, that any issues the school has regarding this land, the first point of call should be to liaise with your neighbour who are the owners of this land. If issues such as flytipping continue to persist please report it to Enfield Council and the relevant team can investigate.

On both visits on 12th and 13th April 2023, no flytipping or waste issues were noted on both issues. Please find pictures attached from inspections.

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