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Classification: OFFICIAL

Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Further to the below response. The Envrionmental Health Team has advised that them and the Pest Control Team visited the following properties xxxxxx Nursery Road, N14. They found no evidence of rats in the gardens and the residents advised they have not seen any cockroaches in their property. No xxxxxxx would not allow access due to Covid, but took a cockroach trap, as confirmed he had seen some in his property.

They visited No xxxxxx (constituent) and found no evidence of rats in their garden and noted that No xxxxxx is currently treating for cockroaches in his property. They assessed the rear garden of No xxxxxxx from over the fence, and took the attached photos.

Although, the garden is untidy, the items are not considered putrescible waste and unlikely to be harbouring vermin and therefore, does not warrant enforcement under legislation available to them. This is why it has been referred to Planning Enforcement, as they believe they were going to be issuing a notice under the Town & County Planning Act – Section 215.

In relation to the condition of the tree, this was not considered dangerous and they advised overhanging trees would be a civil matter and advised accordingly. They will be re-visiting to check and collect the cockroach trap left with residents including No xxxxxx and will enforce accordingly if evidence obtained.

Kind Regards

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