Oakwood Park Estate Flytipping- MEQ

Oringinal Emial:

Dear Team,

I have just made a third report in as many weeks to Enfield Council about fridge freezers being dumped in the same location on Fountains Crescent.

I think there is a flytipping problem developing and it’s very upsetting for residents that keep their homes and gardens neat and clean. Our area seems to be being abused by someone who is dumping single items overnight. I am not sure if this is because Barrowell Green is closed, but I suspect someone is making money off people by collecting these items and just offloading them in our very peaceful estate overnight.

The Council have been very good in picking the items up, but I would welcome your advice and support in putting any extra measures available in place. The place this is being dumped wouldn’t be picked up by a ring doorbell camera, but I would like to see the Council put some deterrent in place if possible.

I am sure the Council are just as fed up of me making reports as I am of making them, so I would welcome this stopping.

With kind regards


Dear Cllr Ioannou,

Thank you for your email regarding ongoing waste issues in Fountains Crescent, on behalf of your constituent XXXX.

Fountains Crescent and surrounding residential roads are patrolled on a weekly to fortnightly basis, with The Vale being inspected more regularly as a result of both proactive and reactive fly-tipping reports.

Since I became the ward officer in 2016, I have received no reports of fly-tipping in Fountains Crescent.

It is possible that fly-tipping reports are being allocated directly to the Street Cleansing team, who are then removing the fly-tipped items, however enquiries have shown that for 2020 only one fly-tipping report has been made regarding Fountains Crescent. Additionally, I have received one fly-tipping report for Oakwood Park Road since 2016, with five reports dealt with by Street Cleansing from September onwards of the same year.

We have not been carrying out inspection since mid to late March, owing to the COVID-19 crisis, however we will be resuming routine inspections albeit on a reduced frequency for the time being.

I will carry out an inspection in due course and any waste found will be inspected for evidence.

If residents ever witness fly-tipping and are able to provide sufficient information accompanied by a witness statement, the matter can be investigated with the potential for formal enforcement action.

If there is a specific location on Fountains Crescent/Oakwood Park Road where the fly-tipping typically occurs and XXX is able to provide details of this, I can put up some fly-tipping signage that will notify residents and any potential perpetrators that the location is monitored.

Kind regards,

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